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About India Hydro
India Hydro is a consortium of hydro electric power producing companies,having locations in Punjab, Uttaranchal,Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim .
The capacities range from micro-Hydel to medium size projects.
The first set of projects was commissioned in 2003. 
Having commissioned the first set of projects within 10 months from the date of ground-break, Members of the Consortium took up implementation of other projects allocated to them and is now in the process of designing three medium size projects in the State of Sikkim.
Punjab Hydro Power Pvt.Ltd.
Kotla Hydro Power Pvt.Ltd.
Bhilangana Hydro Power Ltd.
Lachung Hydro Power Pvt.Ltd.
Teesta Hydro Power Pvt.Ltd.
Chungthang Hydro Power Pvt.Ltd
Holybein Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd.
Commissioned Projects
  Dolowal Hydro Electric Project
  Salar Hydro Electric Project
  Babanpur Hydro Electric Project
  Killa Hydro Electric Project
   Sahoke Hydro Electric Project
Under Construction
  Bhilangana HydroElectricProject
Under Investigation
  Lachung Hydro Electric Project
  BhimkyongHydroElectric Project
  BOP Hydro Electric Project
  Terkiana Hydro Electric Project
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